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Dawn Zimmer

Dawn Zimmer

Branding of a grassroots mayoral candidate in Hoboken, NJ.

The brand began with the positioning, 'Dawn Zimmer, Change That Works' and evolved through a run-off and interim mayoral position as the incumbent, to a third 'special' election using 'Change That's Working.'

The positioning extended into a joint site for the 'Change That Works Slate' of City Council candidates running on the same ticket.

Satellite blogs with brand extension graphics were set up as 'Moms for Change' and 'Renters for Change' to reach different groups of voters.

Branded email blasts kept voters up to date on events, linked them directly to a portal for fundraising and often featured community volunteers in their branded t-shirts (mentioned again and again in The Press).

Newspaper ads, direct mail, headquarters storefront branding, buttons, stickers, residential window signs, and guerilla marketing with outdoor banners and flyers were all used to build the candidate's brand and positioning.